Nutrita helps you make healthier choices. To reach your selected goals, whether dietary or health related, check to see if you’re making the right food choices using our insulin index, keto index and dynamic nutrient density score.

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In-Pocket Dietary Expertise

Search for a food or scan a barcode to estimate how likely it will raise your insulin and blood sugar, two crucial metabolic responses to your health and performance.

Is this food keto?

Trying to follow a ketogenic diet? Find out if this food is likely to keep you in ketosis.

Insulin index

Our own insulin index will help you avoid the biggest dietary mistake of our time: eating foods that raise insulin too much, for too long.

2 brains are better than 1

Community, social accountability and people who get what you’re doing. Get inspired by the experience of people around you!

1. Insulin Index

What a food does to your insulin levels, day in and day out, is crucial. Use our index to avoid foods that’ll give you hyperinsulinemia.

2. Nutrient Density (ND) score

It’s all about vitamins and minerals, but how much are you actually getting? Our dynamic nutrient range will give you more accurate numbers.

3. Food Scanning

To buy or not to buy? Scan a barcode to see how much it could raise your insulin or blood sugars. Is it nutrient dense? Does it fit your selected goals?

Goal setting

Are you trying out a new diet? Or attempting to reverse your diabetes, obesity or even manage your epilepsy? Or are you simply working towards a new personal record in your favorite sport? Whatever your goals are, define them clearly with us and start making better food choices to reach your goals faster.

Smart Notifications

Eating right doesn’t have to be a constant uphill battle, you can turn bad habits into better ones. To stay on track use our daily smart notifications giving you practical tips, updates on the latest science and feedback on your progress towards your goals.

Use our app to start making smarter food choices

Let Nutrita tell you if what you’re about to spend money on food getting you closer or further from your health and performance goals.

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