About Us

We are a diverse team of passionate people working toward the same goal!

Our Story

We live in a fast-paced world overloading us with false claims about health and nutrition. Despite institutional efforts to promote “healthy guidelines” the world is getting sicker and sicker with what are called diseases of civilization.

So how does Nutrita fit into this picture? Nutrita flips mainstream nutrition science on its head. It developed from a friendship with my co-founder (Edouard) who I’ve known since I was 15. A few years back, he emerged from an entrepreneurial project with complete and utter burnout! He had all the markers of metabolic syndrome and hormonal dysregulation, zero stress tolerance, belly fat, low energy and so much more that wasn’t right. And surprise surprise, the conventional advice he’d been given about fixing his diet and health was terrible.

After helping him out for a few months we saw slow but steady progress. It (finally) dawned on me that with my scientific background and his entrepreneurial talent we could bring these principles to the wider public in an impactful manner. After all, it’s undeniable that the common drug-centric solution to treat these diseases of the civilization just aren’t working. Make no mistake, prescription drugs are crucial, especially in emergency medicine. But lifestyle interventions can also be cutting edge medicine when it comes to these diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and neurodegenerative diseases just to name a few.

The guiding principle that enables us to make progress with these conditions is to understand how your biology evolved to handle its environment and reverse engineer from there. The science is complex but the healthy lifestyle that emerges from it is straightforward: eat high quality animal sourced foods and some plants (if they don’t bother you), make sure sleep is a priority, don’t be sedentary, have fun during occasional bouts of exercise, and use simple no-bullshit ways to de-stress, like meditation or Wim Hof breathwork (e.g. hypercapnic hyperventilation).

A healthy lifestyle goes beyond food, but Nutrita focuses on nutrition. It’s the base upon which everything else rests. We take complex science, boil it down to simple and accurate information that’s easy to grasp, and help you turn it into rock solid daily habits. We help you turn ‘dirty keto’ into a well-formulated ketogenic diet. We don’t just want you to lower your blood sugars out of the diabetic range (which is already too high), we’ll help you reverse the condition entirely.

We provide analytical tools based on the latest scientific research to help you reach your dietary or health goals. It’s our passion, it’s our how we make our living and it brings us immense pride and joy to hear it makes a difference in the lives of people. We’re damn lucky!

Give us a chance to help you beat back those dreadful conditions and we might just succeed!

Our Team

Raphael Sirtoli, Co-Founder

Raphael Sirtoli has an MSc in Molecular Biology and is a PhD candidate in Neuroscience at the Behavioral n’ Molecular Lab in Portugal. His understanding of metabolism, nutrition and clinical medicine is the base from which Nutrita’s knowledge derives. He loves open scientific debate, Crossfit, football, hiking and cold water immersion.

Edouard Soutzo, Co-Founder

Edouard is an entrepreneur with a background in wealth management. He worked on severals startups and co-founded a fintech & a networking app. He has a deep understanding on how to test product market fit, he has built an MVA (minimum viable audience), built SEO strategies and leveraged marketing campaigns. He is an avid learner and an autodidact who loves chess, eating keto and rowing on a lake.

Guillaume Palayer, UX/UI Design

Guillaume is Nutrita’s UX/UI design lead with extensive experience in product management. He teaches in many design and business schools in France. He is also the co-founder of Betoken.fund, a decentralized crypto hedge fund. Guillaume is a foodtechie and token economy lover. He loves trail-running wherever and whenever he can.

Tomasz Rojek, CTO

Tomasz Rojek is a lead developer in major IT companies with more than 10 years of programming experience as a lead developer and has a strong biochemistry background. He’s active in the community of entrepreneurs and participated in many hackathons as well as startup boot camps.

Joe Chen, Software Engineer

Joe Chen is a software engineer in the Bay Area, previously worked at Microsoft, Twitter and a few other startups. He holds a bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Joe used to be a competitive swimmer, nowadays he swims and lifts weight simply to be healthy in addition to learning about nutrition.

Pjotr Surkov, Software Engineer

Pjotr Surkov is a senior software developer with 15 years of experience in IT and different parts of software development: databases, back-end, front-end, web, mobile, etc. Currently works as a lead game developer in Microgaming.

Sarah Neidler, Nutrition & Research

Sarah Neidler did her PhD in cancer research at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research in Glasgow. She has a strong interest in nutrition and the ketogenic diet and believes that they are beneficial for the treatment and prevention of chronic conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes. She loves cooking, reading, sewing, Yoga, and CrossFit.

Andrea Barrett, Content Editor

Andrea Barrett is a writer specializing in health and wellness. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from McMaster University, is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and is currently studying to become a certified nutritional practitioner (CNP) with the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Andrea is passionate about health and fitness and loves to run, cycle, swim and lift weights.