Raphael Sirtoli

Raphael is self-learner and self-experimenter. A decade before starting on his scientific path he started adopting various low-carb diets and many new lifestyle practices, such as cold exposure, meditation, barefoot running and Wim Hof breathwork. Always willing to go from theory to practice, Raphael increased his endurance, breath hold time, strength, mobility, muscle mass. He now stays around 9-10% body fat year round. More importantly though, Raphael has resolved multiple long-standing health issues; allergies, asthma, poor digestion, brain fog, low energy levels and joint pain. Nutrita exists so Raphael can share his knowledge and thus help people improve their health and performance

Academic background

Raphael is a recipient of the Marie-Curie fellowship and member of the ITN-Treatment network of researchers. He pursues his PhD in the Behavioral and Molecular Lab at the University of Minho, where his work combines neuroscience and metabolism.

He uses rats to study the side-effects of antipsychotics and whether or not at a ketogenic diet can mitigate some of them. He graduated with an MSc in Molecular Biology from Staffordshire University with Honors (2.1).

His MSc thesis project led him to study the metabolic theory of cancer using breast cancer cells.

Professional Carreer

In addition to Raphael’s current bench research at the Behavioral and Molecular Lab, he’s a science writer who has written for Crossfit and the non-profit Nutrition Coalition. He’s also leading Nutrita’s collaboration with European agencies on a Husbandry for quality and sustainability initiative (FNR-05-2020) where a more advanced food score and environmental score will be developed. This leading European program is funding the initiative for 5 years with €9M.

Podcast Interview

Raphael hosts the BreakNutrition podcast where he discusses scientific papers on nutrition and health. He has also appeared on 2KetoDudes, LowCarb MD, KetoGeek, My Sugar Free Journey, Carnivore Cast, DitchTheCarbs and the KetoWoman podcast.

Feature in

Raphael has been featured on majors low-carb websites such as PerfectKeto, Keto-Mojo, DitchTheCarbs and Kiss My Keto. He has presented Nutrita’s food scores to Dr.Gerber’s patients in the Low Carb & Paleo Support group. He will be a guest speaker at the 2020 Meat-ing conference in Malmo, Sweden. Raphael is also presenting a poster on the science behind Nutrita’s food scores at the LowCarb Denver 2020 conference.

Ongoing Research

Raphael is currently studying the metabolic side-effects of antipsychotics in a rodent model of schizophrenia. He is studying how their sociability, memory, weight and blood markers are affected, and whether or not ketogenic diets can mitigate some of the side-effects.

He is also analysing data relating to lipids and their relationship to all-cause mortality and diseases. He’s co-authoring a multi-disciplinary review on the dietary patterns of anatomically modern humans. He’s collaborating with a European fund and partners in industry and academia who, like him, seek to improve our understanding of food and impact on the planet.

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